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Australia’s Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts

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A speaker can make or break your event. With Trish Springsteen we guarantee that you will be…inspired, motivated, enlightened and entertained.


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Is This You?

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business?

Do you feel like you are invisible – clients can’t find you?

Does the thought of getting up to speak at meetings leave you feeling overwhelmed, scared, unprepared?

Do you have a fear of speaking?

Are you letting wonderful opportunities pass because you don’t have the confidence to speak in front of groups?

Do you want to know how to repurpose and leverage to avoid content overload and burnout?

Do you want to increase leads and close sales? Would you like to transform your business?

Want to do videos – not sure how to start, how to present, how to make them work for you?

Is your book sitting on shelves or in boxes?

Have you decided it’s time to write that book and share it?

Do you want to enhance your public speaking skills? Are you ready to start your public speaking journey?

Are you sitting behind your computer not sure how to share your subject matter expertise?

Do you want to be known as the GO TO person in your niche and your business?

Are you ready to connect with your clients, share your message and make it easy for them to find you?

Do you have a team, managers or are you an executive who would like to enhance communication and speaking skills?

Do you want to avoid miscommunication that impacts on productivity, money, time and credibility?

Are you ready to work with an international award winning mentor who will believe in you until you believe in yourself?

Perhaps you currently present already but lack confidence in your skills. Or maybe you would like to learn how to showcase your business through speaking but have no idea how to do so with confidence.

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions then it’s time we had a conversation – Let’s Talk!

Having missed many opportunities in business over the years through a fear of public speaking, which prevented me from reaching out and stepping up, I have overcome my fear and I now work with you to ensure that you do not miss out on opportunities and have included effective communication and powerful presentations in your marketing and business plans.

Businesses work with me because they know I can help them leverage their business with speaking and communication skills. I am known for providing my clients with the confidence, self-belief and structure to make speaking easy.

I work with you so that your message will be remembered the way you want it to be by ensuring that you get the tools and techniques you need, if you truly want to succeed.

I help you to make it easy for your clients to find you.


Need A Speaker At Your Events?

A speaker can make or break your event. With Trish Springsteen we guarantee that you will be…inspired, motivated, enlightened and entertained. 

With over 20 years experience in Communication, Training and Public Speaking, Trish shares her journey as an introvert speaker and the mindset and limiting beliefs she has overcome. Trish knows how to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone, have 60 seconds of insane courage to change their thinking and give them the confidence, self-belief and communication skills they need to succeed.

Media Package

Trish Springsteen is Australia’s Leading Expert in Empowering Introverts, an multi international award winning mentor, speaker, international best selling author, host of Get Known Be Seen WebTV and the co-founder and owner of Trischel Innovative Training. Trish mentors and works with her clients to help them have the confidence and self-belief to make speaking easy. She typically works with introverts, authors and advocates. Trischel is recognised as one of Australia’s experts in communication training, providing workshops & communication course to organisations, businesses and companies.

Trish is available for radio, print, podcast and TV interviews for expert commentary on speaking and communication.

How you can work with Trish!


Work with an International Award Winning Mentor and Creative Business Consultant

I believe in you until you believe in yourself. Work with an international award winning mentor. Three Mentoring Packages available: VIP 8 week Package, Gold 6 months and Platinum 12 months. Are you ready to commit – let’s have a conversation to see which one suits you.


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Trish’s Membership Community will give you access to over 20 years of experience, content, templates, videos, training and ebooks. The Book Marketing Club is for Authors wanting Get Known Be Seen and make their book easily available to a wider audience.

About Me

Before founding Trischel along with her business partner, Trish had considerable experience in a variety of managerial positions in the corporate sphere. The one uniting factor, and the one that became a passion, was the absolute necessity for clear and effective communication.

Trish has spoken on national and international stages. She has presented keynote and seminar presentations at conferences and meetings for organisations such as International Medical Recruitment, Australian Institute of Office Professionals, Australian National Laundry Conference, Red Cross and PD Retreat.

From personal experience, Trish became aware of the very real costs to companies, businesses and individuals that fail the ‘effective communication’ test.

Client Testimonials

“Trish, thank you so much for all your help. You’ve shown me techniques that calm me, make me focus and more confident. You’ve inspired me to speak up and help others that need a voice. I appreciate all you’ve done!”

Halina Maxwell

Re: Personal Communication Coaching

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Do you feel overwhelmed when asked to speak?

Are you experiencing content overload?

Book a Complimentary Strategy Session with Trish and see how  you can add speaking and communication to your business to ensure you make it easy for your clients to find you, that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your clients, have the confidence to make speaking easy,  repurpose and leverage to prevent content overload.

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