A vital tool for all those interested in public speaking is the Dictionary. Find a good dictionary and keep it handy. When you write your speeches use the dictionary to ensure that you have the right word to convey your message. The dictionary will also assist in the correct pronunciation of your words.

When you are reading use the dictionary to check any words that you are unsure of – this will assist you in expanding your vocabulary. An expanded vocabulary will allow you to have the right words to compile the beautiful word pictures that will add life to your speeches.

In addition to your word dictionary look for good dictionaries of quotes and phrases. Just the right quote or phrase will assist in grabbing the audience’s attention and highlight the message.

Don’t forget those dictionaries that give you synonyms and antonyms and of course your trusty thesaurus to ensure you don’t overuse the same word. The internet also has a plethora of dictionaries available with just a few keystrokes to assist the avid public speaker.

Make sure that your speeches do not sound like you have swallowed a dictionary. Just because you can find great words in a dictionary doesn’t mean you have to use them all in the one speech!

So do you have your dictionaries prominently displayed and most importantly used? If not get some and start on your discovery of the power of words.

Trish @ Trischel

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