Forever Changed By Suicide




“If you have ever been touched by suicide you need to read this book. Every perspective is included, every dynamic included. I hope that the healing that comes from sharing your story was felt by each of the authors.” Larissa Russell Wellness Coach Specializing in Healing with Creativity.

“Whatever you are doing right now, stop! Pick up this book and read it from cover to cover. It will change not just your life but may save someone else’s. Forever Changed by Suicide is a collection of heart-wrenching stories where the writers have had to tread a painful path – but they did this for you and for me. They traced their journeys of their proximity to suicide. Someone they loved dearly – someone’s child, someone’s mother, someone’s spouse and some are the harrowing but courageous tales of the writers themselves who were on the path but pulled out when realisation struck. It is a heavy book to read but it will change your life forever.”  Shoma Mittra


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